Support Packages for WordPress websites

Support Packages for WordPress websites

WordPress websites run on open source software that enables an array of features and design options for a website. This is why 33% of the web use WordPress for all kinds of websites from personal blogs to big news websites. It is also SEO friendly, enables easier responsive design for mobile devices and almost any kind of feature can be enabled through plugins.

But as amazing as your WordPress website can be, especially if you are running a few different plugins and a specialised theme, it often will develop security issues and functional problems that can lead to a poor user experience or even a hacked website.

Every single day there are security problems that arise on WordPress websites. Some services such as WPScan keep track of some of these vulnerabilities that affect WordPress core, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes, and publish them regularly.

When a security issue is disclosed then developers of the affected plugins/themes/WordPress work to 'patch' the issues and release updates to help protect users from any malicious attempts to take advantage of disclosed vulnerabilities.

The recommendation is always to update as soon as you can. The problem with this however is that any time you do an update of software you should always backup your website (in case something breaks and you need to restore it) and all updates should be run in a testing environment, not on your live website.

This however makes the 'ease of use' that WordPress markets itself to users, not so easy anymore.

6 Month Support Packages: Care Plans

Here at Tiong Creative we work with our clients to help them understand the importance of running a WordPress website that is kept up to date and we focus on reducing the risks of security and functionality issues, through careful planning of how to build the website, maintain the website and the hosting that it runs on.

We've offered a range of options for maintenance service of WordPress websites over the years, but recently we have taken this a step further with the introduction of our Support Packages. Each of the care plans include our base Maintenance Block service, and then extend on that with options for monthly task requests, online support sessions and traffic analytics reporting.

Finding out more

Care Plans include Basic Care, Enhanced Care or Platinum Care and you can read more at

Some common questions about the packages are answered in the FAQs section on the page.

April/May 2018 Offer

To celebrate on the launch of these new Care Plans, we are offering a one time special discount of $75 off any of the already discounted packages. Check out the link above to find out more, and then get in touch will our support team to discuss further. Don't forget to mention this offer, before it expires on May 31, 2018.

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